About Us

Our Introduction

While the company was founded in 2020, the journey of this company started 27 years ago when I first saw a man with a 38mm Cartier Pasha on his wrist. The beauty and perfection of a unique piece fascinated me and triggered my lifelong passion and love for watches. Since then I have been collecting, buying, selling, and trading timepieces of all known watchmakers.


After traveling the world in search of the ultimate experience of the watch collection I was able to meet and build friendships and networks with other collectors, and watch enthusiasts. As the years went by, my love for watches evolved into something that one may call an addiction. The more I learned and handled my favorite watch brands the more inspired I became to get more involved in the watch culture.


While traveling the world and establishing myself in the watch community I was able to accumulate a significant collection of timepieces and buy and sell tens of thousands of watches in the process. I realized that my life has become centered around my strong addiction (inspiration, passion, love) for watches leading me to create Yiddin Watch and Co. in 2020.


In 2021 we were officially recognized/launched as an LLC and also a member of IWJG. Since then we have brought, sold, and traded thousands of timepieces from Rolex, VC, AP, Pathek, Omega, and other well-known watchmakers.


We are looking to become the world’s most popular and user friendly sales platform for luxury watches where purchasing, selling, and trading is always an unforgettable and exceeding all exceptions experience.


The company serves as an e-platform where watch lovers can exchange about watches and be part of a community of watch enthusiasts. Also, our ambition is to provide the most comfortable and smooth experience while buying, selling and trading watches by proving the most innovative e- commerce platform that visitors can utilize and enjoy in a hassle-free and smooth transactions from A to Z. In addition we would like to continue working towards establishing ourselves in the watch world as the only and true watch concierge service. Beyond that, we would like to continue to create and develop an environment / platform / where watch lovers can enjoy an inspiring watch talk that ultimately would lead to beneficial transactions among the members.